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Barnett’s government shows their brains, or lack thereof

  • The Western Australian government are apparently a bunch of small-minded stupid folk who wouldn’t be able to devise any kind of vision if their lives depended on it. Or at least, that’s what I conclude from the most recent Perth foreshore proposal. (Even Richard Court aimed higher: Claisebrook Cove ain’t perfect, but it’s still fun.) Kudos to Antzpantz.
  • And again: now that they’re taking delivery of new trains ordered a few years ago — a good thing! — why on earth are they dropping midday service on the Mandurah and Joondalup lines? Those every-7-minutes trains are busy, dang it. (Except for the occasional quiet carriage, but hey, no worse than BART at midday here.) Then again, I guess this government still can’t get over sniping about how the Mandurah Line that was built is better than what the previous Liberal government proposed.
  • Two lighter concluding notes! First, here’s a nice summary of why you should question anyone who parrots the phrase “eight glasses of water per day”.
  • And second, yes, California’s government is still screwed
  1. Liberals just really, really really hate trains
    poor people might use them :x

  2. … well, I’m not sure that’s true. Richard Court didn’t seem to hate them; despite his flawed Mandurah Line proposal he did at least make a proposal (apparently on the best advice he could get), and he started several public transport changes that the Gallop government took credit for (TravelSmart, for instance).

    I think it’s just that Colin Barnett really has turned out to be a boring and uninspired kind of guy.

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