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Briefly: downtime!

A brief note — there was indeed about 36 hours of downtime at this blog, and a slightly shorter period in which I wasn’t receiving e-mail. Oops. I was caught by this very large attack against VAServ, the British company that had been hosting thousands of accounts like mine. (Turns out HyperVM is horrendously insecure; maybe its owner recognised this?) My backups were okay, but it took me a while to realise the issue and recover from them … which I guess means my backups weren’t okay …!

  1. Well, in continuing the theme from the previous blog, have you seen the latest Terminator movie? Personally, I thought it was a lot better than the third, and apart from some glaring inconsistensies, was good fun.
    In other news from home, A Current Affair is still rubbish.

    Woop Woop Woop!!!

  2. Bad news dude… “LxLabs boss found hanged after vuln wipes websites”

  3. Daniel — nope, the Terminator flick looked liked it’d be lame? But maybe it’s not :-) (And I did end up seeing Star Trek, which was awesome!)

    Antz — yeah, VAServ were one of that dude’s biggest customers, and with the scandal, his other customers are all abandoning HyperVM or at least sending a lot of nasty e-mails. Sounds like he was a little crazy already, from what I’ve read, and I guess he freaked out over all the anger at his product.

  4. on the other hand going down is awesome

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