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Valé, Mike

There are many reasons I’m grateful that Facebook returned the news feed to its former coolness today. But perhaps the most important is that it was how I learned about the passing of Mike Neville, who at UWA was the person most responsible for getting me working with computers at all.

I echo Alex’s thoughts — he was a great bloke who’ll be sorely missed, and he absolutely deserved more time. But with what time he had, he was a dedicated mentor to many, and I always valued his counsel; more management-ey types (for he was never really one of them) would’ve probably used platitudes like “change agent” and “thought leader”.

And he believed in technology’s power to be at once cool, and able to change the world. Even with something as small as the home page of Facebook.

  1. Was chatting with Mr Toby today – for it was *OcTobyFest* – and wondering who or whether you’d got a heads-up. Guess you did.

    I’ve seen a fair few deaths in the last few years – but this was even more unexpected than one that hit a lot closer to [my] home.

    There’s a fair amount of shock going around.

  2. Yeah — the first thing I saw was actually your tweet, but I wasn’t sure what you’d meant until I saw a few Facebook status updates :-(

    OcTobyFest sounds like fun, though …!

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