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A little airport ode

Twilight at Perth Airport, photo by vincentq
photo by vincentq

Dear Perth Airport,

I have oft ragged on you before, but I must say, my recent trip through the international terminal was surprisingly decent. Since the not-so-great renovation of early ’09, the food sucks less, and the couches (couches!) and showers (showers!) are a nice touch.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re still lame. Copying Sydney’s oh-look-now-I’m-in-duty-free thing is annoying, the lack of facilities for connecting flights saddens me, and public transport, *ahem*.

But my expectations were pretty low, and they were exceeded! (… a little bit)

a weary traveller.

  1. Hey Hourann,

    I just read about the californian earthquakes. I hope you are alright.

  2. The quake you read about was way out in Eureka, i.e. not anywhere near me :-)
    (The rumbles that came beforehand and were near me were too small to notice.)

  3. I logged onto this morning expecting a barrage of posts. A lot of things have happened recently which seem worthy of a Hourann-alysis:
    – The worst storm in 50 years hits Perth.
    – Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill is passed.
    – Virgin Galactic complete their first successful test flight.

    Hook a brother up.

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