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The new PM making headlines

Sunday 23 December 2007 at 11:20 pm

Why yes, I’m back, and already in a pit of disorganisation. I have, however, noticed that our new Prime Minister has been doing stuff! And quite aside from unexpected (and publicity-boosting) trips to Iraq and Afghanistan.

(In WA, I’m saddened to see Sir Charles’ passing and disappointed to see Griffin’s new coal power station being underwritten by Synergy.)

I was surprised to hear about the Council of Australian Governments meeting; it actually seems to have produced worthwhile results! For the longest time COAG was an institution filled with potential that never delivered — but maybe, just maybe, this week marked the beginnings of change. There was something for indigenous people, for health funding, and for future cooperation! I’m wondering whether perhaps it wasn’t just hot air back when the Ruddster promised a new era of state-federal relations.

This week also saw proof the Ruddster has style quirks all his own, insisting his office sign off on every government press release. Really, I don’t see this as any more severe than John Howard’s decree from 2003 that federal agencies dump their own logos for the now-ubiquitous black coat of arms and “Australian Government” sign. But at least it gave the opposition something to crow about.

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