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So much for Cockburn Stadium …

Saturday 10 June 2006 at 3:14 pm

The headline of my community newspaper yesterday: “Stadium bid sunk”.

The Major Stadia Taskforce announced, in its interim report, that its short list of sites consists of Mueller Park in Subiaco, and land near the old East Perth power station.

Never mind that the former is a perfectly nice park (and as yesterday’s West Australian points out, plenty of people like it that way) while the latter is already earmarked for fairly radical redevelopment.

When the Cockburn stadium bid was first announced, I thought it’d be an ideal way to encourage development at Cockburn Central — pubs, restaurants, and maybe a hotel or two — that would give the area a CBD flavour of its own, like a mini-Parramatta. This kind of development, after all, was decided as the most desirable outcome after the Dialogue with the City process (I should know, I was there!) with a stronger Cockburn helping to drive the growth of a ‘networked’ Perth. But the task force seems not to care about that, giving barely three sentences to the bid and focussing instead on fluffy guidelines about “sports entertainment hubs”. Heck, even the Belmont Park proposal is better than the sites in their short list.

P.S. Something else jumped out at me in yesterday’s newspaper: yet another anti-OBE letter, this time from some professor at that so-called university in Fremantle, arguing that “post-structuralism … is just that, a theory”. Now while it’s not surprising for an average newspaper-letter-writer to not understand the formal meaning of ‘theory’, for an academic I’d say it’s no less than inexcusable.


It was a council truck!

Saturday 6 November 2004 at 3:34 pm

So yesterday I was preparing to leave home in the morning, along with my parents (all in the same car, no less), when we suddenly discovered that leaving our own garage wasn’t going to be as simple as we’d thought. A City of Cockburn truck had parked on the verge, opposite our house. Right in front of our driveway. We started moving out, and the guys in the truck just stared. I really wonder about council workers sometimes …

P.S. if any ex-Self.netters are reading this, I shall just remind you of the new group blog that I set up.

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