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A Monday for all to love

Sunday 5 December 2004 at 11:26 pm

So tomorrow is Monday the 6th, which means I temporarily cease being a Mac-support badger and start being an AV helperer at the ASCILITE conference being held at UWA for the next three days. I predict two possibilities: the day will either be (a) an exciting opportunity to listen to several cool speakers, or (b) mind-numbingly boring, but punctuated by five minutes of setting up each speaker’s laptop before their talk. I do hope it’s the former, but indications so far are not good …

Turns out tomorrow is a big day for a few others, too … namely Cam, who’ll venture forth on his 35-hour flight home (hang in there mate!), and Daniel, who just might (deity permitting) find out about the Really Scary Surprise Thing that is happening to him (mwah ha ha haaa!). Does this make it the Super Dooper Monday Of Wonderful Shared Fun or something like that?

(No, you were not supposed to answer that.)

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