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In case you were wondering …

Monday 13 December 2004 at 10:08 pm

To summarise the last week or so of Hourann-ness, one might be tempted to write thusly:

  • Half-Life 2 is awesome. Like, mate, fully sick. Even on an ancient & dodgy box like mine, it actually runs smoothly (albeit at lowest quality), which makes it quite possibly the only recent and cool game that my computer is able to run. Mmmmm, headcrab …
  • I have managed to brainwash enough of the right people into thinking that I’m cool, that I’ve been invited to do honours in stuff! This is amazing … although it’d be a tad more amazing if I’d actually finished my degree and was able to do honours. Still, receiving a (personally signed!) letter from the head of Maths was a rather momentous event.
  • While I’m being self-congratulatory … OMG I GOT 85 IN 3P7! That little bribe *ahem* positive incentive, er, must have worked. (If you know anything about 3P7 Rings and Number Theory, you know why this counts as a Major Achievement.)
  • There is (egad!) photographic evidence that I did, in fact, work at the ASCILITE conference, and I did, in fact, receive free alcohol as a result.
  • Big Man Cam is back from Florida, so all is well with the Universe again.
  • I am a slack bastard, particularly when it comes to birthday presents. This is not a reference to anyone in particular. No. Of course not!

I’ve been studying. Really. Honest!

Friday 12 November 2004 at 7:22 pm

Strange things happen to your brain when you spend too long cramming 3rd-year pure maths in a tute room. Strange, strange things …