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Just when you thought Perth was safe …

Saturday 7 January 2006 at 1:11 am

I am back in town! (and miffed that the anti-heatwave only just stopped)

Sydney from the Tower My last day o’er east included a walk across the Harbour Bridge, and before that a trip up the Sydney Tower. Although the view from there is cool, it’s more expensive than the Rialto in Melbourne and not as good (longer queues, dirtier windows, slower lifts, meh). But they do have one of those movie theatres with pneumatic moving seats that’s almost as cool as a rollercoaster.

Going up the tower was not helped by the cloudy weather in Sydney — walking through Darling Harbour most of the city offices disappeared into the mist as you looked upwards. So only a few of the photos I took are any good.

Me in a UWA jumper in Sydney! However, the clouds did give me an excuse to put on a UWA jumper and walk through the middle of Sydney wearing it. (dorky? oh yessir!) Alas, unlike the comments I was able to draw in Melbourne, I only got a few weird looks and some office workers staring at me trying to make sense of the word “Perth”. (No, kids, it’s not in Azerbaijan.)

Oh, and reading the paper on the flight home today, I discovered the source of a mysterious missed call that appeared on my phone on December 1. You know you’re reading a quality paper when it takes them more than a month to report on something (and then, the headline they use — “spam mail” — is just plain wrong).

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How to bring down a mail server

Wednesday 17 August 2005 at 9:19 pm

Today while I was at work UWA’s central mail relay server melted. Well, not literally, but it was overwhelmed by spam being sent by zombied computers on account of the latest worm outbreak. (Speaking of said outbreak, twas amusing to see a column I sometimes read claiming that the same hole these worms are using wasn’t a big issue …)

This was only a 45-minute outage, but it just so happened to coincide with me getting a bunch of new spam messages in a few minutes. Hrm.

A bunch of new spam

Curiously enough we didn’t get a horde trying to beat down our support office door like what normally happens when a big server goes down. Maybe people didn’t care their e-mail didn’t work because of all the rain today?

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