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I’ve been studying. Really. Honest!

Strange things happen to your brain when you spend too long cramming 3rd-year pure maths in a tute room. Strange, strange things …

  1. Maths
    Well yes… it does take a special kind of crazyness to do maths. If only there were sound effects too… a little while after, strange noises came from the maths corridor interupting our “study”, and no this is not a horror story! Who says maths isn’t sexy?!?!

  2. Its Studiousness as usual in my corner of the kitchen

    Oh wait, no. Maths is WAY sexy.

    Jingle ♫. Jingle ♫…

  3. Maths sexy? Adam Spencer once said that maths is an aphrodisiac. Of course, I learnt this quote from a certain year 10 maths teacher, who seemed very excited about it.

    I have been having nightmares ever since.

  4. Maths is wayyy sexy. All that reciprocation and surds and roots.


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