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Meme attack! “Animals”

Some time ago I was tagged for this by AV, who’s living it up right there across the East China Sea … I could practically see him behind the mountains if it weren’t for Hong Kong’s smog!

An interesting animal I had: one of my old goldfish had a tendency to swim upside down. It was alive (or perhaps undead), it just liked to lie on its side or its belly to swim. Alas, it died after being neglected (not by me, honest!).

An interesting animal I ate: um, I used to be able to get ox testicles from the ramen house on Hay Street? And upon hitting mainland China I’m hoping to find fried ants.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal: light painting with my cat!

An interesting animal at the museum: do meerkats at zoos count? Otherwise, I love any museum that has dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat: the strangest thing I saw last time I was in the Blue Mountains was a native ground bird that just walked up to us on the track with no regard to its own safety. And it didn’t even seem to be chasing us for food, either.

  1. Dinosurs are pretty radical. Everytime we get a snag while fishing its a tyrannosnagus…. And the diplodocus just has to be the stupidest dino ever!
    Youve eaten some crazy stuff. Fried ants, my goodness! let us know how they taste!

  2. And cue the puns :-)

    I ate some duck tongue last night, too, which was nowhere near as dodgy as I was expecting it to be …

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